Cracking Facts About Aluminium for Easter

Cracking Facts About Aluminium for Easter At the end of this month, we’ll be tucking into Easter eggs, but what’s that got to do with aluminium? As specialists in aluminium extrusions, we have what some might describe as an obsession with facts about this versatile metal. So, let us tell you more! Aluminium Wrap for […]

What are the Finish Options for Aluminium Extrusion?

What are the Finish Options for Aluminium Extrusion? Aluminium has natural corrosion resistance, along with good thermal and electrical conductivity. Therefore, certain applications require no surface finishing. However, when exceptional corrosion resistance, minimal wear and aesthetic appearance matter, there is a choice of finish options for aluminium extrusions. Plan Aluminium Extrusion Finishes From the Start […]

How do you Design Aluminium Extrusions?

How do you Design Aluminium Extrusions? Aluminium extrusion is a fast and cost-effective method for achieving complex cross-sectional profiles for a wide range of applications. Get the design right and aluminium extrusions can negate the need for multiple parts. What’s more, good design reduces the need for fabrication and aids the assembly of parts. So, […]

A Festive Twist on Aluminium

A Festive Twist on Aluminium On Christmas morning, thousands of people will be wrapping a turkey in aluminium foil before roasting it in the oven. However, keeping the meat moist and delicious for the traditional family dinner isn’t the only domestic use of this sustainable metal. In this article, we explore a variety of uses […]

Shipping Artwork in Aluminium Crates

Shipping Artwork in Aluminium Crates The UK’s galleries, museums and art centres are filled with a wonderful selection of art. You may enjoy visiting exhibitions, but have you ever wondered how the collection got there? It’s a joy to admire masterpieces and in this article, we’re investigating why aluminium crates are ideal for shipping artworks. […]

Is Aluminium Sustainable?

Every industry is exploring ways to make their products, processes and supply chain more sustainable. When it comes to structural metals, aluminium is renowned for its green credentials, but is there room for improvement? If you are contemplating aluminium extrusions or sheets for your project, let us offer you insight into aluminium’s green credentials. How […]

Why are Aluminium Extrusions Used in Construction?

Aluminium Extrusions in Construction   As specialists in the design, fabrication and finish of aluminium extrusions, the Salesmade Ltd team works with the same metal every day.   Our products are used in the construction of buildings, vehicles, interior fittings and cabling systems. This article explains why aluminium is an ideal material for these applications […]