Aluminium Extrusions: The Full Story

In recent articles, we’ve explored how to design aluminium extrusions and finish options. However, that’s not the full story. To ensure our customers benefit from a happily ever after, we offer the complete works. So, get comfy and read how we can help create custom aluminium parts for your production line.

Chapter One: The Design Concept

It all starts with your design concept; a vision of what you need and how it will work. You know that aluminium is the ideal material. It’s corrosion-resistant, lightweight, robust, sustainable and perfect for the application. You also know that aluminium extrusions are a cost-effective and reliable way to achieve a uniform cross-section. And, with a bit of help from your local aluminium extrusion specialist, you have honed the design.


Chapter Two: Aluminium Extrusion

With the design finalised, a die is created. The shape can be solid, hollow, intricate or simple. It might include sections of fine tolerances or combine the role usually achieved with separate parts.

The maximum and minimum sizes of the aluminium extrusion are determined by the Circumscribing Circle Diameter (CCD) on the extruding machine, also known as the press. Talk to us if you have any questions about the size range.

With the die in place, aluminium alloy is heated to 450 – 500°c before the force of a hydraulic ram squeezes it through the die at very high pressures. The length of metal comes out the other side and holds its shape whilst being cooled. With a good design concept, the metal will flow evenly through the die for a smooth process and consistent results.


Chapter Three: Fabricating Aluminium Extrusions

Aluminium extrusion produces sections that could not be achieved through any other method. So, now you have long lengths of aluminium with the desired cross-section. In some cases, no fabrication of the metal is necessary. However, fabrication is the means of modifying aluminium extrusion for the functional, practical and aesthetical purposes of the finished products. The processes include saw cutting, CNC machining, punching and welding to achieve specific detailing, fixtures and fittings.

Fortunately, we have invested in the machinery and skilled fabricators to ensure we can meet customer requirements. All work is carried out in-house and to the highest quality standards. From low-volume runs to mass production, our fabrication team are up to the job.


Chapter Four: The Finishing Touches

As a metal that is naturally resistant to corrosion, aluminium doesn’t rust. As a result, it can be used for internal and external applications without applying surface protection. In fact, as soon as aluminium is exposed to the air, it forms an outer oxide layer. This is a hard and stable exterior, which is beneficial in almost all applications.

However, additional finishes for extruded aluminium are desired for specific applications. One of the most popular is powder coating. As we’ve been providing this coating service for over three decades, we’ve mastered the art!


Chapter Five: Assembling Aluminium Parts

We are often asked to assemble office furniture, frames and fittings for customers. That’s because this service can greatly speed up on-site installation. For example, supplying pre-assembled office partitioning or shop fittings to a site is crucial for ensuring trades can complete the task in tight timeframes.

Our assembly process can incorporate other materials in addition to the aluminium extrusion. We have a spacious, clean and dedicated assembly room, where our team are currently working on frames for solar panels and both double and single-glazed partition doors.


Chapter Six: Delivery & Stock Holding

With parts extruded, fabricated, coated and assembled, they are ready to be delivered to customers or sites. Our fleet of dedicated 3.5T vans and drivers can deliver your project directly to sites nationwide at a time to suit you.

However, not everyone wants the full order in one delivery. Sometimes, they need part orders delivered in stages. For this reason, we also offer stock holding. With a large, secure warehouse, we keep lengths of custom extruded aluminium and fabricated parts. This means a quick turnaround when the next delivery is required.


Our Story in Summary

In summary, we offer chapter, line and verse. From initial advice at the design stage to stock holding and prompt delivery, you can rely on us for all your aluminium extrusion needs. With the full process happening in-house, we save you time and money and maintain quality standards.

There is a reason for our tagline: Aluminium Extrusions Designed, Fabricated, Finished.

We think this customer review sums things up perfectly:


“The friendly, down to earth team at Salesmade have limitless enthusiasm and solutions for every problem, they have a determined approach to every project, the phrase “Can’t be done” simply is not in their vocabulary. They have a great wealth of knowledge and ability backed up by their impressive production facility and boast their own powder coating plant! You will not find another aluminium fabricator that can compete with their high quality, accuracy, fast turnaround and integrity.”


So, why not get in touch 01296 431292 or to discuss your requirements?