A question that is regularly asked by our customers relates to the colour finishes available for aluminium extrusions. The quick answer is that with powder coating, we can RAL match almost any colour.

This article expands on this point, explaining the RAL colour-matching system and the benefits of aluminium powder coating.


RAL Colour Matching

Even with a keen eye, the way we perceive colour is dependent on many factors. The intensity of natural light (lux) changes how we see a tone, as does placement against other colours. Colours may appear slightly different in a printed catalogue to on a computer screen. For these reasons, ensuring the selection of the exact shade is a challenge.

Developed by the German State Commission, the RAL system is a means of overcoming these discrepancies. Each colour is given a code and you can trust that a code will result in an exact colour match time and again.

When it comes to powder coating, a uniform, colour-matched finish is vital. By using RAL colours, we have quality control that delivers batch to batch consistency, even if there are several years between orders.

Certain colours are frequently requested for powder coating aluminium extrusions for partitioning, light fittings or automotive parts. To improve our service efficiency, we keep these popular colours in stock. However, we can order any RAL colour to fulfil customers’ orders.

RAL Colours are classified as follows:

  • 1000 – yellows
  • 2000 – oranges
  • 3000 – reds
  • 4000 – purples
  • 5000 – blues
  • 6000 – greens
  • 7000 – greys
  • 8000 – browns
  • 9000 – monochrome – whites, greys and blacks


Is Powder Coating Necessary for Aluminium Extrusions?

Aluminium contains an oxide that protects it from corrosion. For many internal applications, the metal does not need to be powder coated and this option is often aesthetic. For exterior applications, powder coating aluminium delivers a hardened coating that enhances resistance to weather and chemicals.

When executed correctly, powder coating does deliver a uniform, flawless finish. The matte or semi-gloss colours can elevate the product. It also offers customers a choice – do they favour anthracite grey (RAL 7016), Carmine Red (RAL 3002) or Sapphire Blue (RAL 5003)?

Powder coating aluminium extrusions is favoured over painting as it results in smooth complete coverage, free from paint runs. The long-lasting colour is UV fade-resistant and has strong mechanical and chemical performance.


Dedicated Powder Coating Facility

Salesmade Ltd has a dedicated powder coating facility and an experienced team operating on-site. This ensures we can manage quality control and optimise efficiency. The pre-treatment, powder coat application and curing can be undertaken pre-or-post-assembly.

The environmental impact of powder coating is far lower than painting, especially when the water in the spray booth is recycled to minimise use. Salesmade Ltd invested in upgrades to our powder coating facilities. This measure reduced water use by over 2/3 and is one of many steps we are taking to become more sustainable.

Our team usually powder coat metal parts that have been designed, manufactured and assembled in-house. We can, however, provide this as a stand-alone service.


For further information on powder coating or to check whether we have your RAL colour in stock, get in touch on 01296 431292 or sales@salesmade.co.uk.