Bespoke Aluminium Frame for a Stylised Glass Panel


THE CLIENT: An Internal Glass Specialist



To create an aluminium bathroom door frame to fit a pre-cut piece of glass and the door opening.


We love a challenge and decided that the best option for achieving the specific dimensions was to start with a solid aluminium bar. We cut exacting channels, with tight tolerances, into this bar to achieve the defined measurements.


Salesmade Ltd has created many bespoke aluminium frames for customers, but this was a first. Our usual approach is to begin with the exact measurements of the door opening. This would inform our extrusion and fabrication process for creating a frame to fit. The final stage would be to order and then fit the glass section. This customer had received a recommendation that we could help him out. He arrived with a beautiful pre-cut sheet of glass, which had been finished with a stylised design. Coupled with the measurements of the opening, he asked if we could create a frame to fit.


This method was a success and resulted in a precision finish that holds the glass in the correct position within the opening.