Aluminium framed screens, partitioning and revised lighting systems are three ways to create separation in open planned offices. As employees return to work, these retrofit options can provide reassurance that safety measures are in place and their well-being is a priority.

Returning to Work

Restrictions continue to lift and more companies are opening their doors. For many employees who have been working remotely, or furloughed, this brings mixed emotions.

Some are keen to get back to face-to-face contact with colleagues and customers. They miss the collaboration, camaraderie and interaction that cannot be fully replicated in a conference call. For others, a year spent being cautious and actively avoiding contact with others makes the return to work a daunting prospect.

As many offices and workplaces are open-plan, the option to maintain some level of control over your work environment is limited. To address this, employers need to consider the space from the perspective of those who are hesitant about returning. Retrofitting glazed aluminium partitioning or installing screens is one way to help employees to feel safe and comfortable whilst at work.

Aluminium Partitioning

As a strong, lightweight building material, aluminium framed partitioning is an ideal solution for dividing open space offices. Salesmade Ltd supplies made to measure glazed aluminium frames for London’s leading partitioning company. They transform the interiors of workplaces across London and the South East.

After consultation, the company design partitioning that meets the aesthetic and technical requirements of each client. Using the most suitable metal fabrication processes, our team manufacture and assemble accurately-measured glazed aluminium frames.

The fact that we can deliver pre-fabricated parts, enables swift and precise installation. This minimises disruption for the client – in some cases transforming their work environment overnight.

Glazed aluminium partitioning and screens are a robust solution, but they are not structural elements of the building. As such, they can be removed when no longer required. This flexibility makes them an effective short, or long-term, interior design solution.

Aluminium Lighting Systems

Altering the interior layout of a workplace relies on more than screens and partitions. Each divided space has to be sufficiently well-lit. Employees benefit from natural light sources, but also need task lighting. Rethinking lighting systems is a vital element in office redesign.

Controlled lighting systems are effective for altering the luminosity in specific areas, depending on worker preferences and there is another advantage. As flexible working continues, occupancy levels will reduce. Being able to control the lighting in different spaces can generate significant energy savings.

Salesmade Ltd recently supplied bespoke aluminium tracking for an extensive lighting refit in the beauty department of a high-end department store. The owners were keen to update the lighting system in keeping with the revised store layout. Our bespoke design for the extrusion was manufactured to match existing fittings, so it blended into the interior.

Why Aluminium Extrusions?

When designed with the end product in mind, bespoke aluminium extrusions require less tooling than other forms of metal part manufacturing. This leads to time and cost efficiencies.

With decades of experience in the design of aluminium extrusions, Salesmade Ltd produces bespoke solutions for a range of applications. From hygiene fittings and shower cubicles to automotive and manufacturing parts, we deliver to site, ready for installation.

To discuss your brief and request a quote, get in touch with the Salesmade Ltd team on 01296 431292 or We can offer the full design to delivery service or fulfil part of your production process.